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New Home in Progress!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Temporary signage is up! Mirrors, rubber flooring and turf coming next week! Things are starting to come together!

Day 7! We got the gladiator shelving put up, coffee bar set up, a new sink & vanity installed, air filters changed... So much will be going on THIS upcoming week!

  • Flooring installed

  • Mirrors installed

  • Second sink installed

  • Video surveillance system installed

  • Kids corner wall built

  • Squat racks being delivered

  • Begin Front counter refurbishing - Whew!

Day 9 pics

A lot going on today! Boot camp classes, Flooring delivered, 4 squat racks delivered, concrete floors prepped for the rubber and turf, support beams painted, sinks worked on, clip boards for challenges hung, fridge delivered, video surveillance system ordered, office straightened up, and lots more... whew! Now for a 3 hour nap! 😳😴😴😴

Mirrors are done! Floors 2/3 done. Still tons to do but making progress :) Kids corner wall started. Whew!

Things are coming along! The boot camp side is almost done 🙂 Plus we finally got our LLC too! Woohoo!!

Kids Corner complete and ready for some kids 😁 Boot Camp toys organized and front counter ready to be refurbished. It’s all coming along. Equipment coming before the 1st! Woohoo!

Grand opening Pre-Sale specials will begin tomorrow!

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!!! PRO FIT 24 will be opening in 10 Days! Want to get the founding members Deal? Contact us TODAY! The first 100 members get signed up for $19.99 per month, NO money down, NO long term contract, NO cancellation fee. Just $19.99 per month (plus tax) and thats it!

Camp Pro Fit Classes special intro rate of $119 for the 1st month for the first 30 members ONLY!

Want to do our 6 week Challenge and Transform?! Its just $99!!! Yes that is correct folks! $99 for the Challenge!

The next Challenge begins Jan 7th!

Crazy Deals happening starting NOW! Ready, Set, Go!

Want to book a consult for the Challenge? Click here... https://CampProFit.as.me/6WeekChallenge


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