Interview with Coach Eric Cano

Thinking about taking on one of our coaches as a personal trainer? Each one is unique in their own way! From their personality to the way they train. Every story, inspiration, and specialty is different. Get to know them a little better by reading their story below.

What are you Fitness Goals?

My fitness goal is to maintain the Army standards for my age group. I strive to find the perfect balance of health & fitness for my age, height, and societies norms.

What are the classes you teach? Fitness skills you've acquired over the years?

I teach the concepts of each lift and their function. With this training, the goal is to train smarter and target what needs to be focused on. I also don't recommend exercises or programs that I personally have not done. Authenticity is key and I try to make training simple because we all have life that factors into our daily schedules. I also teach groups, whether it is in a Crossfit setting or boot camp setting. These types of training programs allows individuals to compete with themselves and others while also being each other's motivation throughout the workouts.

I have acquired these skills and training methods over the 10+ years of training myself and being trained by IFBB Pro's, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Exercise Scientists with PhD's and research I have done on my own.

What is your Educational background? Do you have any Certifications?

My educational background begins with my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I received my degree from the University of Kentucky in order to learn more about the body and use my knowledge to get a jump start on training smarter.