• Jessica Kersten

Free Seminar: What it actually takes to Transform Your Health

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Have you tried diet and exercise and still can’t lose weight? Do you feel lost when it comes to getting healthy? Have you given up on yourself? Do you feel like nothing works for you? Do you feel you have no one to turn to for help?

We’re here to talk about these topics and how to finally find what works for YOU. We'll also have several guest speakers here to talk about their journey and what it took to achieve their goals.

MEGAN C - Lost over 150#. From being in a car accident to doctors telling her they'll need to amputate her leg to fighting through the pain to lose weight to keep her leg. Learn how she lost the weight and the will she has to keep going.

ERIC - Lost over 130#. After abusing drugs, alcohol and living an unhealthy llifestyle Eric finally changed everything around in his life. Eric will talk about what he did to finally make that change.

MEGAN M - Lost over 100# and got off a lot of medications. Follow Megs story from back pain medication to now doing mud runs.

AL - Lost over 70#. Going from one extreme to the next defines Al's Journey, thru joining the US. army as a extreme hard gainer at 140 lbs soaking wet, gaining weight, then experiencing what can happen with low T as he saw his weight jump up by 70 lbs. Al will cover how he found freedom thru discipline.

LAURA - Was born with a heart condition and has had 9 heart attacked, 2 open heart surgeries, and a broken neck. She'll talk about what she did to change her health.

AKUDO - Changed her overall health with exercise, nutrition and detoxing. Lost weight and hasn’t had a migraine since!

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