Bench Press Seminar Agenda - May 4

Looking for tips on using weight/machines? Wonder if your even using them properly? Think you know what your doing?

Please give a warm welcome to our seminar host Rebekah Lair, International Powerlifting Federation World Bench Press Champion. With her extensive fitness background, she will be demonstrating the proper way to lift weights and use machines.

Rebekah Lair is an International Powerlifting Federation World Bench Press Champion who works with powerlifters at any level to grow technical skills, master areas of weakness, become proficient in all disciplines, and work through training barriers.

Bench Press Seminar Agenda:

  • 11:00 – Welcome/Introductions

  • 11:10 – Discussion begins:

  • I. Basic Fundamentals

  • A. Foundation/Set-Up: Feet & Back, Arched vs Flat, Shoulder Position, Head, Hand Placement

  • (Measurement Equation)

  • B. Preparing for the lift… Get Tight… What does it mean?, Primary and Supportive Muscle Engagement, Grip (How and What kind), Drive – When to initiate?

  • C. Hand-Off: Self vs Assisted, When/Do I need a spotter?, The transition during hand-off (Weight transfer; shoulder position)

  • D. Take-Down: Controlled descent, Hand, Wrist, Elbow alignment, Elbow Tuck (slight), Grip the bar as if you are trying to bend it in half, Where to touch with the bar, How to touch

  • E. The Press: Leg drive while simultaneously throwing the bar up and back (Bench Press is not a pressing action but a throwing action), Hand, Wrist, Elbow alignment, Elbow Flare (when to do it and when not to), Hold the bar/weight at the top, resist the urge to rack immediately

  • 12:00 – 10 min break

  • 12:10 – Practical Session Begins

  • 12:50 – Closing remarks

  • 1:00 – End

Rebekah believes in goal-based, disciplined training approach and applies a “train like you compete” concept while also relating a mix of traditional methods such as Westside and Russian. Her “train like you compete” concept was adopted from her training experiences while enlisted in the US Army, which uses the “train like you fight” motto.

Rebekah has competed in the USA Powerlifting Federation, North American Powerlifting Federation, and International Powerlifting Federation for sixteen years. Some of her titles and wins are:

- Women’s Open National Championships: 2008, 2009 Open Silver Medalist, 2010 Bronze Medalist

- Bench Press National Championships: 2011 Open Silver Medalist; 2016 Open Bronze Medalist and M1 Gold Medalist; 2017 Open Bronze Medalist and M1 Silver Medalist, 2018 Open Bronze Medalist and M1 Silver Medalist

- Military National Championships: 2004 Open Silver Medalist; 2005 Open Silver Medalist; 2013 Open Bench Press Champion; 2017 Open and M1 Bench Press Champion - Raw National Championships: 2009 Women’s Open 82.5 kg Champion - Arnold Raw Challenge: 2010 Women’s Open 82.5 kg, American Record Deadlift - Northeast Regional Championships: 2008, Women’s Open 82.5 kg Champion - NAPF Women’s Open Bench Press Championships: 2010 84 kg Champion and Best Bench Press Award; 2011 84+ kg, Silver Medalist - NAPF Women’s Masters Bench Press Championships: 2018 84+ kg, Silver Medalist - IPF Women’s Open World Championships: 2009 US National Team Member - IPF Women’s Open World Bench Press Championships: 2010 US National Team Member - IPF Women’s Masters World Bench Press Championships: 2017 84+ kg M1 Champion and Best Bench Press Award

Rebekah is a self employed Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Reiki practitioner. She is a twenty-year US Army combat veteran and retired at the rank of First Sergeant.

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