• Jessica Kersten

21 Day Challenge

Even though we’re still “under construction” we are OPEN for CAMP PRO FIT!

Floors and mirrors will be installed this upcoming week! That won’t stop us from gettin our 💦sweat💦 on though! No stopping us!🥊💪🏼

Today is also the kickoff to the 21 Day Challenge! We have a standard meal plan , keto plan and detox plan. 🎄You have until Monday to get signed up if YOU WANT IN on this challenge!

😳Don’t be like the rest of the world gaining weight and getting unhealthy this month. DO SOMETHING proactive for your health! Lose weigh and get healthy this Christmas! You only have one body so take care of it and it will take care of you!

Comment below with “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” if you want to join our amazing group for this Challenge.

Click the link below to learn more... https://www.profit24gym.com/21-day-challenge

PRO FIT 24 Day 9! - 12/4/18 Camp Pro Fit crew working hard 💪🏼😜💦