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Our Corporate Wellness Curriculum's are customized to elevate company culture, inspire commitment, and tie into your business goals. Our goal is to offer a new way to measure and improve well-being from a place of great influence: the workplace. The program revolves around fitness and health hoping to send a clear message of accountability, which can help save lives and catch serious issues early by focusing on important preventive care protocols. 

Now the big question, as a CEO, is it worth it to invest in a corporate wellness program? The simple answer is...YES!  Not only does instituting a fitness program within your company lower healthcare costs, it greatly improves employee engagement and decreases turnover; which are big drivers of a company's financial success. 

Consider the following:

  • 88% of employees with higher well-being are engaged at work, compared to 50% of employees with lover well-being

  • 98% of employees with both higher well-being and a higher perception that their company supports their well-being say they want to be working at the same company in one year.

  • 99% of employees with both high well-being and organizational support would recommend their employer as "a great place to work".

*Source: Limeade

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