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Who's ready for the deals?

Friday Saturday & Sunday ONLY

Weight Lifting

12 Month Gym Membership


Reg price $265. Key fob not included. Must begin membership by 1/1/21

Llifting Weights

6 Month Camp Pro Fit Membership BOGO


Reg price $130/month each plus registration fees. Savings of $880.This is for 2 people  and both must begin program by 1/1/21. 


12 Month Gym Membership BOGO


Buy a 12 month gym membership gift one for free. Both must begin membership by 1/1/21. Key fobs not included.

Intense Workout

12 Month Camp Pro Fit Membership BOGO


Regular price is $110/month each plus registration fees. Savings of $1420. This is for 2 peole and both must begin program by 1/1/21.

Annual Gym Memberships Include:
  • 24/7 Gym Access
  • App Access
  • Monthly Fitness Assessments
  • Free Boot Camp 1st saturday of the month
  • Kids Corner
Camp Pro Fit Memberships Include:
  • Unlimited boot camp classes
  • Unlimited kickboxing classes
  • 24/7 Gym Acess
  • App Access
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Fitness Assessments
  • Accountablilty Group 
  • Kids Corner
Key Fobs are not included and can be purchased separately for $10 plus tax. Once purchased you will be contacted to go over your details and set everything up. Black Friday Deal Memberships must be activated no later than 1/1/21. 
There are no refunds on services used or unused.
Any questions, please email us at
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