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A NEW "ME" in 23
6 Week Challenge

The next Transformation Challenge Begins

January 23rd, 2023

Below are just a few of our Camp Pro Fit 6 Week Challengers.

3 Challenge Packages Available

1st Place Winners in 4 Categories

(see below for details) 

What Do You Get With The  Challenge?


✔️ Unlimited Group Fitness Training Per Week in any of our 45+ class times, Monday - Saturday OR Follow our 6 week workout plan on your own in our gym or another gym. You choose from 3 programs.

✔️ 24/7 Access to Pro Fit 24 Gym at 3416 FM 2920 Rd, Spring, Tx 77388

✔️ Easy to follow Nutrition Plan: Choose from our traditional challenge meal plan, our quick weight loss plan or our detox meal plan depending on your goal

✔️ Pro Fit 24 App access to track your progress

✔️ 3D Body composition scans and pictures at the beginning and end of the challenge 

✔️ A Team of Coaches to keep you accountable and community of like minded individuals to motivate you

✔️ Only a certain number of participants will be accepted into this challenge program as we keep our classes small to ensure personalized attention in a small group setting. Our classes have a maximum of 12 participants per class. 

✔️ Must be able to attend Camp Pro Fit sessions at Pro Fit 24 Gym: 3416 FM 2920, Suite 180, Spring Texas 77388 OR follow our 6 week workout program on your own at our gym or any gym. This is not an at-home program. Must be done in a full gym environment.

✔️ Must be able to meet with a coach to do weigh ins and nutrition consult no later than January 23rd, 2022. If you are not local we'll instruct you on how to do weigh ins if you cannot scan in at our facility. Late entries will be taken until Jan 25th.

✔️ Must be able to cook the majority of your own food for all 6 weeks

✔️ Must be READY and WILLING to follow a workout and nutrition plan 100% for the duration of the 6 weeks with no exceptions.

✔️ Must allow us to share your success story on social media




Begin Jan 20th-23rd




✔️ Meal Plan details 

✔️ Styku Body Composition Scan 

✔️ Weigh in

✔️Download our Pro Fit 24 Gym app

✔️ Before pictures taken - Be sure to wear a fitness outfit that shows your the shape and curves of your body. Bright colors work the best. Keep in mind you will also wear this same outfit at the end of the 6 weeks. Make sure the top is NOT loose and baggy as we won't be able to see changes during comparisons.


PACKAGE 1: $100

If you're already enrolled in our Camp Pro Fit program it is $100 to be included in the challenge. 


PACKAGE 2: $350

If you are NOT enrolled in our Camp Pro Fit program and would like to be included in the challenge and have access to the gym AND all group fitness classes it is $350 for the 6 weeks. 


PACKAGE 3: $150

Online version: If you would like to follow the online workout program, meal plan and do the workouts on your own time it will be $150 for the program.

 OVER $1000 in Cash & PRIZES


We will have a first place winner in 4 different categories.

1st Place: Most Body Fat % Lost

$500 CASH

1st Place: Most Weight Lost


1st Place:Most Inches Lost 


1st Place:Most Lean Muscle Mass % Gained 


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