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60 Day Holiday Workout Challenge

  • Personal Community Profile

  • Track activities and calories

  • Access to exercise and nutrition plans and goals

  • Integrated fitness and nutrition apps

  • Create your own workouts

  • Join challenges and groups

  • Unlimited goals and progress tracking

  • Fitbit fitness tracking integration

  • Activity calendar

  • 60 Day Challenge Workouts

  • 2 Workouts to choose from: Gym or Home Training

  • 60 Day Subscription Only


This program includes the Pro Fit Basic Membership Features PLUS the 60 Day Holiday Workout Challenge Workouts. You can choose from 2 workouts, in-home training or Gym training. For in-home training you must have a set of two of dumbbells, stability ball, and a jump rope. If you can't do actual jump rope, you can substitute with air jump rope(the jump rope motion using no rope). You may also substitute many of the dumbbell exercises with resistance tubing. 



This program is part of our Company Launch and does not include any ongoing subscription. Your account will cancel out after the end of the 60 Day Challenge, December 10, 2015. If you would like to continue with another program you may do so by going to this website and choosing a package. Your personal profile stats will be saved so you don't have to worry about losing any of your exercise and nutrition details. 

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