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Pro Fit 24 Cares About  Your Health

Introducing the
June 1st - July 12th

Hello! I'm Coach Nanci

and I created a special NEW program combining

FITNESS, HEALTH and WELLNESS! It's called The 6 Week Health Reset!

It's designed to Reset Your Health and Detox Your Body in 6 weeks.

The COVID 😷 pandemic has most people worried about their health and their immune system. That's why I made this program. Specifically to teach you the tools and educate you how to really be healthy, naturally and give you that piece of mind that you’re looking for.

Why should I do this program?


​✔️ To reset the digestive system

✔️ Strengthen your immune system

✔️ Give your body an influx of nutrients 

✔️ Detox from sugar 

✔️ Break bad eating habits

✔️ Naturally cleanse the organs so they function properly

✔️ Purge the colon of built up toxins

✔️ Lose weight the healthy way

✔️ Feel more energetic

✔️ Sleep better

✔️ Reduce inflammation

✔️ Decrease/Eliminate migraine headaches

✔️ Clear skin/complexion

✔️ To kickstart a healthier way of living

✔️ To tone and strengthen the muscles, bones and heart

How do I know I need to do

a program like this?

😴 Feeling tired or sluggish after a full nights sleep

😷 Having a suppressed immune system

😩 Headaches or migraines often

💩 Not having 2 or more daily or full bowel movements

💦 Water retention, inflammation 

😖 Feeling bloated after eating

😲 Digestion issues

😲 Not losing or trouble losing weight even when eating healthy foods

🤧 Repeated colds, sickness

😧 Acne, blemishes, skin issues

🤔 Brain fog, trouble concentrating

😡 Constantly stressed, emotionally run down, tired and/or often angry 

🤢 Use of a lot of chemical based products in and around your home and on your body

🍔 If you've been eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) 

What does this program include?

​✔️ Unlimited virtual live workouts for all levels (an in person option is available for locals to the Spring Tx area)

✔️ A healthy whole foods meal plan

✔️ Smoothie builder plan

✔️ Access to our private FB group

✔️ Access to the Pro Fit 24 app

✔️ 6 weekly mini challenges

✔️ Your own accountability coach

✔️ Weekly check ins with your accountability coach to keep you on track 

✔️ A community of like minded individuals working improving their health just like you

 Informational videos from coaches about various health, wellness and fitness related topics to teach you how to lead a more vibrant healthy life

What do I need for this program?


Most things you will need are all natural and can be found in your local grocery store.

Things like:

✔️ ​Lemons or Lemon Juice

✔️ Cranberry Juice

✔️ Epsom Salts

✔️ Coconut Oil

✔️ A Blender for making delicious fruit smoothies 

✔️ Measuring tape for taking before/after measurements

✔️ Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats

For your virtal at home workouts you will need:

✔️ Dumbbells

✔️ A sturdy chair like a dining room chair

✔️ An exercise ball (also called a stability ball)

✔️ Access to a computer, smart phone or tablet 






Other Program Options

Local to Spring, Texas

✔️ The 6 week Health Reset Program

✔️ Unlimited classes at our gym

✔️ Plus virtual classes


✔️ The 6 week Health Reset Program

✔️ 18 Semi Private Personal Training sessions at our gym

Contact Pro Fit staff before purchasing as we have only 8 spots left


Already a part of our Camp Pro Fit classes 

✔️ The full 6 week Health Reset Program


Money Back Guarantee!

If you go through this program in its entirely and are not happy with the results we will give you your money back! We know everyone will just LOVE this program and have so much valuable information to apply to their lives to get and stay healthy for life. 

Pro Fit 24 Gym

3416 FM 2920 Rd, Suite 180

Spring Texas 77389

Reserve Your Spot  Now!

Only $179

Click Below  To Reset Your Health

Program Registration

Once we receive your registration form and payment, a coach will contact you with getting everything set up to begin the program.

Pro Fit is an alliance of PROfessional FITness Coaches dedicated to guiding you through your health and fitness transformation.




24hr access for Members

Staffed Hours:

Mon - Sat 10am – 12pm

Mon - Thur 4pm – 7pm 


3416 FM 2920 Road,

Suite 180, Spring, TX, 77388

Toll Free: 844-PF24-GYM


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